French family business for more than 40 years

Aulica is a French family business with an international presence. Since 1978, AULICA has been inviting itself into your everyday interior or at your parties. Bringing warmth into contemporary interiors is Aulica’s intention when we develop our ranges. Innovative and original products for ever more diversified table and interior decoration.

Friend of your moments of life when on table, conviviality and sharing are at the heart of our principles. This is how Aulica thinks of her collections. This includes the notion that each piece can be used on a daily basis and not just for special occasions, why not make each day a special occasion? With love and humor, at Aulica, we think that the most interesting trend is the mix of styles, shapes, colors… breaking the codes of traditional trends.

Rule ? There is none left. As in fashion, we dare the high and low to find the decor atmosphere that we really like!

Aulica is now distributed in more than 80 countries around the world.