365 new opportunities to be seized!

365 new opportunities to be seized!

The Aulica team wishes you all the best for the New Year, lots of success and, above all, good health.

After an eventful 2020, we all need to learn to move forward, so let's make some new resolutions!!! We know this is a difficult time, so let's find alternatives to our daily lives, let's change our habits, you'll see it's good therapy. Here are a few pieces of advice:

- Receiving friends at home is becoming increasingly rare, yet it was a real source of entertainment and happiness. So let's make these moments special and better. Surprise your guests with original themed tableware, inspire them with a modern interior. This will make these moments of conviviality more memorable!

- What better way to stimulate your mind than to invest in a personal project? The health crisis forces us to stay at home, so we might as well take advantage of it to make our living space better. We advise you to give your home a facelift, it's good for the spirit and the mind.

- Change your diet without putting pressure on yourself, the goal is not necessarily to lose weight but just to feel good in your body. Discover in our next blog a selection of healthy and simple recipes.

Plates from the Accalmie mineral range
Accalmie mineral dishes and plates in light grey
Light candles, create an atmosphere, relax!