Cat Bar

Cat Bar

The concept…

The cat bar is first and foremost a traditional café whereyou can sip teas or cocktails… But it's surrounded by cats that you can pet,feed, or even take on your knees that you “taste” around. of a table.

The concept comes straight from South Korea, but developedand flourished in Japan. In Japan, the population density is such that thedwellings are extremely small and it is often difficult to accommodate ananimal in your home. And so, rather than depriving themselves of the pleasuresof the company of a cat, the Japanese have decided to open cat bars!

But Why present this concept to you?

Quite simply, It inspired our lovely "irresistible attraction collection. A whole service designed around felines that brings us so much affection! PLates to serve cakes as well as small bells to protect them from petty thieves. So come having a look at this pretty collection that's as trendy as it is fun!!