My plate for the King's cake

My plate for the King's cake

It's time for kings! From the frangipane pastry to the brioche, via the golden paper crowns, warm and golden shades have never been more in the spotlight than at Epiphany celebrations! Brown, bronze, gold, choose your tableware to give even more character to your beautiful galette just out of the oven.

A soft and warm atmosphere

You can create a very special atmosphere with grainy materials and subtle combinations of textures without breaking your piggy bank. A white linen tablecloth, a mix of brown and white, bronze cutlery and slate for your table decoration, there are plenty of solutions for your parties at Aulica.

Inspiration for serving

Perfect for a galette tasting with your work colleagues, or your little darling association, the Princess plate allows you to enjoy your galette, with a matte appearance, just like the new magazine covers, it makes a statement with its design and its very special colours. Not as flashy as gold but just as warm, it will add to the atmosphere of your party! Don't forget the cutlery!

Our cake stands

There's nothing like a pretty cake stand to serve your galette des rois. Don't you think it gives a lot of elegance directly? A real atmosphere of the greatest French pastry houses will take place in your home. And to top it all off, we have made a selection for you!